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January 7, 2005 / erin


I don’t know what else to say. Except that I had some suspicion that Carma was up to something when I checked my email and had about 6 comments.

I’ve been in what I tend to call a funk lately, and your comments were all so sweet. I did actually get a bit vehklempt.
I thought I’d start out with a thank you to all, and maybe answer a few questions. And pose a few of my own.

I’m wondering what Julie from Tucson is making for her daughter.

For Rams. My southern accent is a little West Virginia, a little Missouri, and a little that is just a complete mystery to me. I tend to slip into my drawl and not realize it until someone asks me where I’m from, and then looks perplexed by my response. Peony ;P

Stephanie’s comment cracks me up. Do I sleep? My goodness I pale in comparison. (A moment while I bow and chant “I’m not worthy” ala Wayne and Garth.) Wow two Mike Myers references in one post. Huh.

I am taking Mim’s advice to heart and plan to pick up some full spectrum bulbs next outing. I do think that the weather is part of my problem.

Cari, I’m so glad Carma and I have corrupted you.

The baby booties are from this book,
photo hosting and image hosting by
and pretty easy. The pain was finding buttons for them.

The cardigan was made from leftover Manos Stria (I love this stuff)

Now for progress on my TSF mittens. The picture isn’t that great.

photo hosting and image hosting by
They are starting to look like they should. I’d have a lot more done if I hadn’t been whooped by baby sock flowers.

We decided to put in Return of the King tonight. I think, “ok, I’ll knock these sock flowers out in no time and get some more mitten done.”
Those damn socks took me almost the whole friggin’ movie. Who’s living up to the Sat score now, Carma? Clearly I was not.


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  1. Anonymous / Jan 9 2005 1:15 PM

    You asked what I am making for my daughter. It is a blanket poncho (she lives in Boulder so it will be good for her)- the pattern is Patons and the yarn is merino, dark gray. Lots of cables and it should be gorgeous, but the 267 stitches per row are getting a tad boring. It helps that the kid’s bday is in March so I have a deadline to meet, and when I am limited to 1 hour or so knitting a day it’s taking a long time to get as far as I have. I’ve been working on a lace shawl for myself for 2 years now, off and on, from a pattern I found in Knits magazine. Suri alpaca in flower pattern blocks. That has been challenging and very rewarding. I will return to it when the poncho is complete.

    Julie in Tucson

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