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January 18, 2005 / erin

pink hat hell

I went to Sheep’s Clothing Friday. I really had only meant to go to purchase the afore mentioned fushia wool. (which I did. Cascade 220, color 7805) But when I walked in I saw this:
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Isn’t it beautiful? 690 yards of Manos del Uruguay In color C. I did not yet have a plan for it, until Saturday’s shopping trip with Carma.

It’s going to be a wrap of sorts. Right now it’s just a knitting up as a great big rectangle. But when it’s done I plan to add a couple buttons, so it will stay on my person.

Actually I’m lifting the idea from something we saw in Greenfields. Except, the one we saw was machine-knit generic and cotton. Mine will (hopefully) be much cooler.

I really should have taken the camera with us, so you all can see what a spectacle we are when we shop together.

We had a pretty nice visit. I started Carma on her first felting project. She’s making a Sophie bag. I cannot wait to see how it will turn out. I think it’ll be pretty neat.

Nate rented King Arthur last night. I cannot decide whether I liked it or not. All I am sure of, is that Lancelot was quite yummy.
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Here’s Jessie’s hat. It actually doesn’t fit, but that is an error on my part. I had to pin Jess down to measure her head and even then I couldn’t keep her still enough to get an even remotely accurate measurement. That and this stuff felted super fast. The sides had actually felted TOGETHER and I had to take a utility knife to it and open it back up. I’ve made several of these hats with cascade before and I had NEVER had that happen before. I guess I’ll have to make another.

and the hat I made for myself out of some odds and ends.
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It’s Bonne Marie Burns’ Chicknits bottoms up bucket hat. Go buy it. NOW! Seriously it’s worth every penny.

Also I’m making a Sophie bag. What can I say, Norma has some strange sway over my project decisions. (Boy, I’m just in a felting frenzy here)

Here it is post-felt,but pre-handle:
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  1. carma / Jan 19 2005 12:06 PM

    Us? A spectacle?

    What was your first clue? The REALLY weird looks or the whispers? (You know what they were thinking… how nice that they let the two special girls out together)

    And I think in order for the general public to truly appreciate us we’ll need a video camera (and yes I will be the one holding it 😉 )

    Love ya, C

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