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January 29, 2005 / erin

The Good and the Bad…

Well, talked to the vet today about Ribbon’s bloodwork….

The vet’s concerns were originally about her tyroid, liver and kidneys. Apparently these are the first things that tend to go on senior cats (again, she’s seventeen and a half). Her bloodwork shows that these are actually quite good… Way better than the vet was anticipating. She said she was shocked and had to look at the results a good couple times. Also Ribby’s bloodwork doesn’t show any indication of infection.

That is the good news.

Here is the bad news…

Her bloodwork indicates that she has some kind of cancer. Yup, cancer. 😦 The vet and I are pretty sure that it is either in her eye or in that ballpark (her right eye has some serious cloudiness). On Wednesday Ribbon got an anti-inflamatory shot from the vet and that has done just wonders for her. She’s eating and back to acting more like her ol’ usual self. The vet gave me pretty much two options… and one she didn’t really “recommend”. That non-recommended one was taking Ribbon immediately to Iowa State for oodles of tests etc. But she said that other than that option being LOTS of money there’s really no guarantee it will “help” etc. I mean say they decide to remove her eye that kind of procedure, not to mention everything leading up to that decision and procedure could take a LOT of starch out of her and therefore lessen her quality of life. So the other option is to continue with the anti-inflamatories and, as the vet put it, “help her limp along as comfortable as possible.” Now don’t get me wrong if/ when she gets to the point where she is in pain and there is nothing we can do for her I am going to make the decision to put her down. I don’t want to “reward” her for years of unconditional love and support with her being miserable and in pain.

So now I have to just deal with the pain and almost unbearable guilt of feeling like I’m giving up…. Alright not going to dwell on THAT too much right now… otherwise… lots of tears…

I went over to Mason-Dixon Knitting and saw that Ann has gotten some more pictures of quilts for her “fambly” from Elmira Sanders from Greenville, Alabama (you seriously need to go, right now, over there and read that whole heart warming story). This leads me to a question, is it possible to quilt a cat? Or would it be put a cat in a quilt? Hmmm….

(I love quilts and would someday love to own an actual handmade one… you’d think with all the Amish around here I could get on that… and I’m REALLY going to miss my Ribby *SOB*)


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