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February 28, 2005 / erin

pet envy

This weekend, I unearthed a couple of mama-jo huge skeins of sock yarn. After the recent rash of socks, fuzzyfeet, and clogs, the last thing I want to start is a pair of socks. They are trekking xxl, in a very “Sesame Street” colorway. So, I’ve decided to make an entrelac scarf with it.

Also I dug into my box of baby yarn and yarn-destined-to-be-baby-items for the bahzillion new and soon-to-be moms I know, and pulled out some ecru sugar ‘ n cream. I thought I would make a teddy bear. But I soon came to a realization that I cannot find a teddy pattern that I like and does not require me to go buy a new book.
So, I’m winging it. If it comes out cute, I’ll write out the pattern and post it on my free patterns page.

I have gotten very little work done on Nate’s vest, due to the fact that I don’t want him to see it until it’s done.

I need to work on Teegan’s slippers so I can get that stuff sent along it’s merry way, but I refer you to the first paragraph.

I haven’t really done much of anything this weekend. We spent Saturday evening at my Mom’s to celebrate my Stepfather, and Brother’s birthday. (Just want to clear up that we celebrated TWO people’s birthdays. Don’t want you all to get the wrong impression there.)

I mostly pouted this weekend as I battled my severe case of pet envy. Two years ago, I adopted a really wonderful lab mix from the county pound. she got loose a year ago and was hit on the highway, just south of of. Jess still asks for her.
Anyway, In light of Ribby’s recent passing, and visiting my brother and his menagerie*, I’ve had pets on the brain.
Consequently, my pouting did nothing to sway Nate, who I have been calling the “pet-nazi”.
I think Jess needs a pet. Of cours,e I cannot remember a time when I was growing up, that we did not have a pet. Nate’s argument is that we have pets. (We have two outdoor cats. They are outdoor cats, because I am allergic.) I tell him although I love the cats, they do not count. We are now at a stalemate.

*I’m not kidding. they have a beagle, a shepard husky mix, a cat, a guinea pig, a turtle, and an undisclosed number of aquatic creatures.*



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  1. carma / Feb 28 2005 8:33 AM

    You have my permission to thrash him about the head and shoulders… especially if he recommends that you get a hamster, or some type of fish (while cute those aren’t “real” animals).

  2. erin/pinkerbell / Feb 28 2005 10:17 AM

    Oh no he does not consider them real pets. It’s funny because JEss came home from school Friday asking for a hamster. I tried to ignore it for the most part. (Did you know, if you have two hamsters together in a cage, there is a good chance they will eat on each other?? My brother regretably found that out for himself.) I really wish I was not allergic to cats, but what can you do?

  3. carma / Feb 28 2005 11:28 AM

    Hamsters will EAT each other??? Oh my so much for thinking they were harmless little “nothings”. Ugh, note to self don’t get a hamster (Dad thinks that would be a good idea). Hmmm perhaps there is something you can do about your allergies? Short of remaining forever medicated?

  4. erin/pinkerbell / Feb 28 2005 11:53 AM

    If i could keep them off the bedding and sweep everyday and wash my hands after contact, I would be fine. (but comeon, let’s be realistic.) I think you should get a bunny.

  5. carma / Feb 28 2005 12:30 PM

    A bunny? Huh. Never thought of being the proud owner of a bunny before…..

    I’m smacking Nate for being a “Pet-Nazi”

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