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July 6, 2005 / erin

A Fond Farewell.

Ok, I promise after this post to become un-car-obsessed.

Yesterday, I signed over the title to my Eagle Vision to the Junk man.

It was a bit akward, the new car parked along side the old, as I salvaged all I could from the old and leave her to her scrap metal fate.

I am upset at one thing I could not salvage.

I’ve had Goofy since….1997? He used to ride along with me when I had my Ford Ranger, then he was moved to the Vision in 2001. Since then He has melted to the atennae and there was no way I was going to be able to pry him off. *sniff* I’ll miss him.

In knitting news (Knitting….on a knitting blog?! NO!) The second flower basket shawl is done. It needs a good blocking. I am very pleased with the trinity yarn I used for this project. (Thanks, Tricky!)

Now it’s onto my Sockapaltwo-za socks. Oh, and my marker mania stitch markers.


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