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July 28, 2005 / erin

small and furry

YOu have all got to head over to Jen’s blog and see the very cute pictures of Jess and Zander playing yesterday. They had a ball. well, go on, I’ll wait for you to get back.

*la deda, la deda, do dado, do da do, hmm mm mm, hmm mmm mm.*

Cute huh?

Children, bless’em. They grow so fast, they learn new things everyday. Like today, for instance, Jess learned how to aide and abet a fugitive hamster.

Among my massive “Chores-to-be-done-before-the-party-and-houseguests-arrive-list” was to clean the hamster cage. Animal has a little pink ball he runs around in while out of his cage. Jess loves chasing him around the house.

So, today Animal ran around the house in his little pink hamster ball, and Jess cheerfully chased after. As I was just reassembling the cage, Jess ran down the hall, approached me holding the pink ball and asking me to fix it. Then I noticed she was holding an EMPTY pink ball.

Luckily, I found the fugitive in minutes and returned him safely to his cage. NOTE TO SELF: Self, tape ball lid closed when letting Animal and Jess play together.

Jess was suppose to see her cousin today so I could have some quality time with my bathtub and kitchen floor, but I have not gotten ahold of my SIL. I was also hoping to go to the Bmv and pay for my plates before the first. (Jess and long, boring, pointless waiting have an adverse effect on my health.)

Knitting content? hmmm sorry not today. Hopefully I will finish my chore list early and be able to relax on Friday. Don’t laugh.


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