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September 12, 2005 / erin

Here Kitty, kitty, kitty….

…Meet Morange*. (Hey, if that’s what Jess wants to call him, I’m not going to argue.)He’s actually kitty number two. The first one is now a quadruple amuptee as I have left his appendiges in Gibson County.

*If you are wondering, it rhymes with orange.

Man, it was hot this weekend. Too hot to handle wool.(Especially with no AC. since 90% of my WIPs right now are wool or mohair, it’s been maddening. Unfortunately I have very little weekend progress to show. Although, I do owe you all some long overdue knitting pictures. (I apologize for the night pictures.)

The lace tablecloth progress. I really should have taken this with, but I was going to be in the presence of the recipient, and I was afraid it’d get really dirty. I should have pictured it with something for scale, but I could not get it spead out enough, but as it is right now, it would cover my endtable.

For quite some time now, I have wanted a Harry Potter PoA scarf, but I could never find the right colors. (Ravenclaw, book colors) The brown was just never right. Then Knitpicks saved the day.

I have a wool-ease sweater, a mohair perfect pie” shawl, Jill’s homespun poncho, (The lace edging was a bad idea, I have instead decided on a simple garter stitch edging. I had wanted to get it to the new mom, but it’s not like she’d be wearing it yet anyway.) and purple booties for baby Jordan. I would have pictures, but the pictures just weren’t coming out right.

We had a very nice, but abbreviated trip. Saturday, we drove what might possibly be Nate’s new commute. It’s a bit longer than would be ideal, but manageable, and we collected some basic information.

Now, to bring you all up to speed. Nate’s Aunt Ida has, up until recently lived in the “Homestead”

The house and property goes back at least four generations in Nate’s family. Anyway, Ida is 92, and recently decided to move into an assisted living facility. Which means the house is now empty and she has been asked if we would like it.

It’s a beautiful house and property, but it needs A LOT of work. (half of the house has been shut up and not used for over 30 years now. It’s in the process of being appraised,so I have no idea yet what we’ll need to spend to get it, and we plan to have an inspector out to make sure house is structurally sound. But if all goes well, It looks like we’ll be moving in the Spring. Would like to see it?

First a look at my neighbors. You actually cannot see the house from the road. Only the church and cemetary that adjoin the property. (The one room schoolhouse, on the left is actually part of Ida’s property. The school house sits opposite the end of the driveway, to give you a sort of reference to where the house is.)

And this rowdy bunch.

A shot of the front of the house from the road that it shares with the church,and the side of the house, from the drive. Yes, it needs to be washed down and repainted. Sorry but out of about 8 pictures, this is the best one.

Tomorrow I’m hoping the have some time to show you the inside.


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