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December 14, 2005 / erin

sweater drama

{Enter: the bathroom. Erin is standing on the lip of the tub, modelling her nearly finished knitted sweater, and looking critically at her reflection in the ajar medicine cabinet mirrored door.}

Nate enters and is startled, as he thought the bathroom was unoccupied.

Erin: (disappointed sigh)

Nate: (puzzled)”What are you doing?”

Erin: “Looking at the sweater I made and don’t think I’ll ever wear.”

Nate: “Why’s that?”

(Erin leans over and shuts the cabinet door, so that nate may get a full view of said sweater.)

Nate: “Whoa.”

Erin: “…That bad?”

Nate: “NO. Not bad at all,…doesn’t look like something I figure you’d wear.”

Erin: “Yup. I agree.” (Pulls sweater off and throws on the floor. A few seconds pass.)

Nate: “I don’t understand. You spent all that time knitting that sweater, and now you won’t even wear it?”

Erin: (putting her cardigan back on) “uh huh”

Nate: “Uh, ok.”

{fade out}

Don’t know what I’ll do with it. I’ll probably frog it sometime down the road.


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