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January 12, 2006 / erin

Random thoughts

My niece’s socks. I’ve hit the ribbing and now that are a strictly tv sock.

I’ve pulled out my perfect pie shawl and I am awaiting Jen’s Perfect pie along.

I’ve hit a stroke of luck. I’ve had some kureyon, but not enough for this wrap. I went down to sheep’s and they have plenty in the right color and dye lot. They are holding some for me. So, I can now make my Lady Eleanor for Jillian’s Lady E along.

The silk corset is not forgotten, but Jess likes the little booklet form of the pattern, and keeps walking away with it.

I really want to make hello yarn’s We call them Pirates hat (And now matching mitten pattern, thanks for the info, Cassie.)

As always, I have some sweet mary janes to make. I can’t make these fast enough (and I can make them pretty fast) to keep up with the demand around here. I’ve decided that they can wait until i get to them, or learn to knit and make them themselves.

I have a couple free patterns to share, but i want to go throught them again, to make sure they are right.

I’ve decided to break this year into quarters. At the beginning of the quarter, I first tend to knitting obligations and then move onto things I just want to make. Oh, and every quarter I have to make something for myself.


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