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August 3, 2006 / erin

Who’da thunk?

Ok there are those out there that are going to laugh at me when they read this… For several reasons..

First, I suffer from “those kinds” of headaches, out of respect to those with migraines I won’t say that’s what mine are but they come AWFULLY close. The please just take off my head kind of pain. And I will try very nearly ANYTHING to get rid of one of my headaches. People will tell me old wives’ tales about headache relief and I’ll give it a shot. I’ve rubbed halves of lemons on my head (by the way, lemon juice in the eye is not a great way to get rid of a headache), I’ve tried a great deal of homeopathic remedies, you name it I’ve probably tried it. (Have an unusual headache remedy? Lemme know I might need to keep it in mind)

Anyhow last month during the trip with the Boy to see the grandparents in MN I got one of those headaches (oddly enough literally as we crossed the state line). At first I thought it was just allergies/ change in air pressure… anything to put off admitting it was going to be an unwanted and uninvited guest on this trip. By the next day I had admitted defeat. Then while we were up there I literally happened to notice while eating some grandma homemade strawberry pie that I was headache free (you now that feeling… When you’re so used to the pain being there to suddenly realize it’s gone, nearly did a cartwheel). So the running joke was it was the pie.

Then a couple days ago another one snuck up on me and we started talking about strawberry pie. The Boy half-jokingly said… We need to get you some strawberries. A laughed and thought nothing of it until the next morning when I woke up with the same headache…. I reached for the strawberries I just happened to have in the fridge. Within 30-45 minutes, headache gone.

Now I know it’s pretty out there to assume strawberries are my new Excedrine but I like the little buggers and, again, will try anything. At least it’s not oysters. : )

Second, I’m knitting a scarf (yes, I know it’s August and hotter than hades) out of Red Heart Tweed (I’m poor) POSSIBLY for my dad’s new-ish girlfriend. If I meet her by Christmas that might be her prize. I’ve seen a picture of her and my dad and spoken to her once on the phone. I guess I’m kind of to the point where if she makes my dad happy and isn’t completely off her nut I’m happy. It’s not like I see my dad that often so… I just want the man to be happy and I’m trying mightily to get over the weirdness of having my father DATE and talk to me out dating.

If I don’t meet her (or don’t like her enough to give her knitted items) or just get shy about the whole thing I’ll more than likely send it along to Dulaan.

Erin, the Boy is playing the Theme from Pink Panther in honor of you. : )



  1. jillian / Aug 4 2006 9:36 AM

    Huh – how very interesting. If it works for you – that’s all that matters! I don’t have any unusual headache remedies to pass along – just Excedrin for me!

  2. erin / Aug 4 2006 10:03 AM

    I wonder if there’s some nutrient you might be lacking that strawberries is giving you.
    ba dum ba dum badumbadumbadumbadum BADUM ba dum…

  3. Laurie / Aug 4 2006 6:59 PM

    There might be something to the strawberries. And if they work for you, keep it up!
    Hell, I’d wear kiwi halves as a bra if they’d stop my headaches.
    Try to stay indoors when working on that scarf. You don’t want it to melt onto your skin!

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