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August 18, 2006 / erin

This too shall pass…

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and that everything will work out like it’s supposed to.

Sometimes that’s just hard to keep that in mind when you feel like sleeping for the next 40 years.

I know that’s pathetic, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling that way.

In the past couple weeks I’ve lost my new job… then got the same job back… for less money. I know it’s not a cataclysmic event and that I should be thankful that I have a job and my health (The Boy keeps bringing up my health… I know he’s trying to help but I want to slap him when he says it). I’m just in a rut I think but have no apparent motivation to get out of it which in a way makes it worse. My standard answer to ANY opinion question is, "I don’t know". And erin will tell you that me not having an opinion about something in and of itself is kind of a freaky thing.

My dad keeps telling me that this (I assume he means my life) will all work out someday. I keep asking when someday is… I mean part of me knows I can get through the "rougher" times but most of me realizes that getting through those will be infinitely easier if I had a finite limit on the current "rougher" time. Then there’s The Boy.. He keeps using phrases like "Hard work will set you free" then hands me a hammer. I told him one more time and he’s getting that hammer upside the head. : )

It doesn’t help that the universe has decided now would be an EXCELLENT time to give me one of "those" headaches. The quart of strawberries I had for breakfast isn’t helping. I’m pretty sure it’s weather/allergy related but I think if I take another pill my liver is going to go on strike.

I have been knitting although I will use the term loosely. I knit two washcloths for my mom’s best friend for her birthday and I’m in the process of knitting two more "standbys" you know for those times when you need a quick little gift. One I carry in my purse for when I’m waiting in line (although really I rarely get my knitting out in those situations because I’m a freak) and the other I leave on my "coffee table" (read: gray trunk that sits in my living room) to knit a row or two there when I’m sitting on the couch feeling like a sloth but still don’t feel like getting up.

Any suggestions to things easier to knit without much thought are appreciated. One of these days I’ll catalog my stash (erin, stop laughing) so I have an idea of what I’m working with (less money means less for the "knitting fund")

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. erin, enjoy your first weekend sans car trip and with cable! 🙂



  1. jillian / Aug 18 2006 1:27 PM

    Feel better! And not just the headache 🙂

  2. Stalker Angie / Aug 18 2006 5:45 PM

    I do hope you feel better soon. I know how much the “dulldrums” suck. As for knitting, you can always do scarves, hats, ornaments and such for Christmas. It’s never too early to start. 🙂
    Stalker Hugs to you

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