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September 6, 2006 / erin

A Call For Help.

Today, a dear friend, Sue, is slated to have a  masectomy.  Our thoughts are with her and her family.  You can help.


Her daughter, Katie has formed an ACS Breast Cancer walk team, we’ve dubbed our team "Sue’s Crew" and we are trying to raise money for our walk, on Sunday, October 15th.  If you can help, please donate here.  We are trying to meet and surpass our goal.  Thank you.

To emphasize how important this walk is, I’ll let Sue explain it, in her own words.

"…Katie has listened to me tell stories of how beneficial it is for me to have the ACS in all the hospitals I visit. When I have a question, or just need support, I stop at the ACS office. The employees of these three offices always stop what they are doing and listen to my concerns. The free materials and books have helped educate me on all aspects involving a mastectomy and care after the surgery.

Katie has set up a page that allows others to sign up to be part of the walk(and invites all to attend if possible) or give a donation for the walk.

Words cannot express the emotions I feel as my daughter takes a challenge and runs with it. It’s a proud moment."


Sue’s surgery and reconstruction went well, and she is due to come home today.



  1. Carma / Sep 6 2006 8:54 AM

    Please let Katie and Sue (& family) know I’m thinking about them.
    Go Sue’s Crew. : )

  2. Carma / Sep 6 2006 3:56 PM

    Even by proxy she can bring tears to my eyes… Well both of em.

  3. jasmine / Sep 7 2006 8:36 AM

    You go girl. I will skip happy hour and knit instead — proceeds to benefit Sue’s Crew

  4. Carma / Sep 8 2006 11:15 AM

    WOOHOO! So so so glad….
    Thanks for the update.

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