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September 20, 2006 / erin

the explanation

Many of you have wondered what the shocking news of yesterday was all about.  My MIL was involved in a very serious car accident Monday, and she called us yesterday morning and tell us about it.  She is fine, not a scratch on her even, which is truly astonishing, given her ordeal.  I think we all freaked out in thinking about how easily things could have gone really wrong, and ended far more tragically.

Thanks for all your concern.  We will be seeing my MIL this weekend, when we go to Gibson County, and we are all looking forward to it.

As for Jess’ cardigan, I am opting for putting a cable down the center of each sleeve.  I have yet to cast the sleeves on though.  Also I have rethought my Mittenswap pal’s mittens and I think I will be designing some charted mittens for her.

What’s on the horizon?  I don’t know.  I have three sweaters worth of yarn, several shawls I would like to make a couple scarves, and socks as always.  I think once I finish the cardigan I’ll gather the stash and wait for something to speak to me.

I’m a little excited.  My friend Jill’s coming over tonight just to hang out and knit.  No schedule, no expectations.  It should be fun.

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