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November 8, 2006 / erin

sock yarn.

ah, the sock yarn.

Prior to Franklin’s dulaan shin-dig,  there was a knitter who needed a lift to the event.  I had emailed her and offered to pick her up.  She had by that time found a ride and thanked me for my offer.  Saturday, she found me to give me a little present.


Boy does she know the way to my heart.  Thank you so much, Karen.  It was very sweet and thoughtful (but unnecessary)of you.

Then, shortly after we settled in and unpacked our stuff.  I decided to take a little walk around.  I walked into the main room right as my name was being called for one of the door prizes.


Rabbitch‘s nameless hand dyed sock yarn. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, We sat next to Emily of Sophie’s toes. and left with a couple of skeins of sock yarn.

Mine.  In color-way Antique.


Carma then pulled me aside and asked, "If i bought the yarn, would you be wi-"

My answer.  "yes."  "yes, if you buy some sock yarn, I will knit you some socks."
Carma’s.  Color-way state fair.  I’m using a favorite pattern for hand-painted yarn that I used for my sockapaloooza pal.  You can find the free pattern here.


Then I came home and ordered this off her etsy site.

"green is the new black"


Speaking of wonderful patterns, I have started this hat


Or I should correct that by saying I Finished this hat, but , in putting it on my head, realized that i could wear the hat, or I could see, but I could not do both.  So I have unraveled the top design and I think I’m just going to forgo it altogether and knit the top plain with some aggressive crown shaping, so it will fit.

Although it doesn’t quite go with these.


pattern:  Mac and Me firm fitting gloves.  purchased at kpixie.
yarn: knitpicks andrean treasure in lagoon and lilac.
modifications:  I made the cuff a bit shorter than called for.

I highly recommend them.  super easy, super warm super cute.



  1. jen / Nov 8 2006 11:18 AM

    oh man i love Carma’s color choice state fair is so pretty! i’m still dreaming of socks, really.

  2. Rabbitch / Nov 8 2006 12:02 PM

    I’m glad you like the yarn. There’s almost 600 yards there, so there should be enough for a scarf or a small shawl if you get tired of making socks.
    I’m sorry I didn’t name the colourway. We could call it Assbeagle if you’d like *g*

  3. Kayt / Nov 8 2006 3:33 PM

    OOOO I can’t wait to dye some sock yarn to try that pattern… Heck i should walk down to the post office now to see if i have yarn to dye waiting for me!!!!
    Also I have misplaced your email address, drop me a line if you could i have to pick your knitting brain.

  4. Lesa / Nov 9 2006 9:03 AM

    I wish I had time to knit. Wish I had time to do a lot of things right now.

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