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December 30, 2006 / erin

A Festivus Miracle….. Kind of.

Howdy y’all!!! : )

It is I, getting in one more post before the New Year. Bringing the total for the year up to, what, 5? : )

Anyhow I have some good news, there is a chance I might be able to blog a little more regularly (in the relative sense) here shortly.
Back in October (I think) the local school system had a HUGE auction… Long story (& day) short I ended up picking up a Powerbook 1400.
Here’s the best part… The Boy had to do some fancy work to get it up and running for me. I don’t understand all that he had to do so I won’t try to explain it here. BUT while he was working on it he found some old files from when this computer was borrowed by one of the Boy’s fellow classmates QUITE a number of years ago (I think it was when they were in Junior High but don’t hold me to that). The Boy actually found some pictures of himself on the actual computer. Creepy huh?
We’ll just call it Fate or something so as to not think about it too much. : )

So the “new” computer (I’m going to have to name it once we get acquainted) needed an Airport card before it was ready for blogging. The Boy was kind enough to procure me one from Ebay for Christmas. So we’re one more step closer to Carma being live. : ) The Boy has some more fancy computer work (to install a driver maybe?) and then we’re good.


The only bad news is the Powerbook is not a “new” computer by any means so I’m not going to be able to blog with photos a great deal of the time (in other words only pictures when I’m on the Boy’s computer or his parents’s computer).

The Boy was hard at work and I’m pleased to announce he updated HIS website with Lodge updates so if you’re so inclined feel free to stop on by and check things out. Ok, I can’t get the link thing to work on this computer (another oldie… But not my powerbook) so his site is : ) Enjoy.

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Holiday Season (Erin, I hope the trip south is going well). More details in a later post.

When you celebrate tomorrow night, be safe. : ) I want the chance to see you next year.



  1. jen / Dec 30 2006 11:37 PM

    i hope you had a nice holiday cara!
    congrats on the new/slightly-old/new to you computer! it sounds like a good deal though. I was once given a fujitsu laptop for free from a friend who did networking and had piles of old computers in his condo. It was a pentium 1 and slow as hell but i used it to surf the interdnet for 2 years! 😀

  2. Carol / Dec 31 2006 3:32 PM

    A Very Happy New Year!!!

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