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February 14, 2007 / erin

what’s next?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

well, I have figured out that to get the hard hat ear muffler to look like I want it to, it needs to be one by one rib, and made out of fingering weight. I’m not sure I love Nate enough to do that.

I still have to make Nate a pair of gloves, and a scarf.  He wants a scarf like my ravenclaw one, but longer and finer gauge.  heh.

I still haven’t decided what to make out of the jaeger trinity, but my next project is going to be a toddler sweater. Just trying to decide what pattern/style/yarn to use.

There will be no knitting here today.  Nate and I spent all morning digging out,


(picture taken this morning of the side door opening to the stoop and driveway.)and my arm (you know the one with the friggin’ plate in it?) is KILLING me.


Happy V-day, Nate.  I love you.  And I love that we can still goof off like little kids.



  1. Lesa / Feb 14 2007 4:47 PM

    I didn’t even go outside today. That is the nice thing about a 19 year old son, HE does the shoveling.

  2. Carol / Feb 14 2007 9:07 PM

    Talk about being snowed in!

  3. wendy / Feb 15 2007 10:13 PM

    You know it’s not easy getting away with a crime when you show everyone how you tried to dispose of the body. I mean any knitter would kill a person who wanted a 1×1 rib fingering

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