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March 13, 2007 / erin


Our kitty is a neighborhood kitty.  She lives in our shed.  This arrangement preceded us and we have merely kept up with it. We were told kitty was a strictly outdoor kitty.  Come to find out this was not true. All these years kitty’s been roughing outside for nuttin’ (In case you are wondering kitty was bought by some once upon a time neighbors down the street who lost interest and let her loose.  The lady we bought the house from set her up with a corner of our shed.  She even has her own entrance.)

Anyway.  a month or so ago kitty got into a pretty nasty fight that tore her ear up something awful.  I had been slathering it in bactracin.
(Mental image of your truly stalked, tackling and smearing a cat with ointment. Go ahead, take a moment to laugh.)
Well, I’m afraid the ointment wasn’t enough. Frostbite took hold of poor kitties ear.


Kitty, yesterday, before I took her to the vet.

The vet will clean her up, and operate. They will cut all the frostbitten and dead tissue from her ear.  Tomorrow they will operate and send her home.

Oh, I’m fine, my wrist is much better, and to answer a popular emailed question, yes I can still knit, just very slowly.



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  1. jen / Mar 13 2007 3:46 PM

    tsk tsk slow for YOU is like the rest of us normal slow-ass knitters!
    i have proof in pictures when you knit your hands are just a blur!
    i hope miss KITTY is ok when she comes back. She is one TUFF KITTY.

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