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March 14, 2007 / erin



Kitty comes  is home today, and by home I mean inside, now that I know she can handle being inside. But I can’t pick her up for a couple of more hours.  We have been told by one of our neighbors that kitty’s name was FIFI.  Fifi is not a good name for a cat that is as tough as nails as she is, So, we’re sticking with Kitty.

Now, a hint of things to come…



  1. Lesa / Mar 14 2007 5:47 PM

    there is something vagly pissed off or creepy about the look in that cat’s eye! I can’t figure out which.

  2. jen / Mar 14 2007 10:35 PM

    FIFI??? Her “name” is FIFI? I thinke ven Zander would disapprove. Ugh wtf?
    glad to see she pulled thru a-okay. I knew she would cause she’s TUFF, but she looks a little asymmetrical now!

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