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April 2, 2007 / erin

stream of consciousness.

This weekend I finally broke down and bought a new memory card for the camera.  All this time we have been using the 16MB card that came with the camera, and it’s been a pain.  Now with a 128 MB card, maybe I’ll take more pictures, huh?

Friday, I did some unexpected demolition work.  The cat had decided to use the corner of room (under the bed) as her second bathroom.  The carpet, and padding were completely soaked, and ruined (Not a huge loss really.  the carpet was worn and faded. Lucky for us thereis a beautiful, but neglected wood floor underneath.

Kitty had her stitches out today.  Now we just have to keep an eye on the other ear to make sure she doesn’t develop another tumor.  The vet also sent us home with a "surefire" solution to Kitty’s wandering wee.

I love amazon.  I have been tracking down a book for a while now, only to find it was unavailable pretty much everywhere, except amazon, but even then I had to allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
I am now a proud owner of Duncan Delaney and the cadillac of Doom. I am trying to save it for our trip to the in laws this weekend.

I am still searching for the Peanut butter witch.  I had a copy of this when I was little that then went to my kid sis, and has since disappeared.  This book has very special meaning for me.

I am very tired of knitting beige.

I’m in the midst of spring cleaning, and who knew we had so much stuff? It’s crazy!

sorry for the random, picture-less post.


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  1. Suz / Apr 2 2007 11:23 PM

    Sometimes random is needed.
    I’ve never heard of either of those two books. Hmmm.
    I love children’s books!

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