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May 4, 2007 / erin


ok, panic averted. I have succumbed to the Clapotis. I may or may not have said some disdainful things about the clapotis in the past, and vowed to never knit it.  I am now eating my words.  I put in my Venture Bros. dvds and just trudged through it.I actually couldn’t resist the pinstripy effect of the deco ribbon.  It’s got a business/Gomez Addams vibe to it.  I have yet to weave in ends, but you get the idea.


Yarn: Deco-ribbon , color 103, 7 balls

Pattern: Clapotis

Modifications: I used the deco ribbon with US#15’s I worked more off of the schematic to have a similar size as the pattern.

I have the sole patches (hehe) and the buttons sewn on the sweet Mary Janes, and they are ready to be sent along.

Yesterday we had Jessica’s case conference, for school.  It was at 1:45pm.  We wrapped up two and a half hours later. (It seriously felt even longer.)  But all well that ends well, and I think we have resolved all outstanding issues.

today I’m enjoying the fact I have nowhere to be.  Have a great weekend. 



  1. carma / May 4 2007 11:16 PM

    heheheh sole patch….
    MAN I wish I could be out there this weekend….

  2. wendy / May 5 2007 10:48 PM

    I hope the whole school thing goes well.
    You know I still haven’t knitted a Clapotis yet myself…are you reccommending it?

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