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May 6, 2007 / erin

The Fountainhead

I just came home from a rather uneventful day of a little shopping, a little working on the Lodge, and a little hanging out at The Boy’s house to discover the commode in my apartment had been running on full blast all day. (I didn’t know there was a full blast on a commode but I assure you, there is). Thankfully everything was draining they way it supposed to so my apartment & those below mine are not wet. And thankfully I do not pay my water bill so I’m not going to have to sell a kidney. The little hidden environmentalist inside is sick over the wasted water but alas that is water under the bridge. (HA! Bad even for me).
This weekend was spent traveling to Iowa State to see the Boy’s sister graduate from the School of Design. I was impressed that the "audience" was actually encouraged to cheer for their (& all) graduates as their names were called. This wasn’t my first graduation but it was the first time I had heard that… Thankfully Brittni chose to participate in the school graduation but decided to skip the BIG formal graduation for the entire university (where I don’t believe she would have been "announced" individually nor would she have walked over a stage).
We all had a good lunch afterwards then headed home where The Boy & I watched a good but WEIRD movie called "The Fountainhead" based on a novel by Ayn Rand of the same name. I think it was particularly weird given the fact that it was released in 1949. Just not really a movie you would expect for that time. I’ve heard reviews where people rave about Patricia O’Neal’s performance but I personally cannot recall another film of hers so I have nothing to compare it to… Her character in this movie seemed very… detached or something. So perhaps that is a real departure for her.
It occurred to me this evening that I will be celebrating (?) a "big" birthday in less than 2 months. If The Boy tells me one more time that it’s not a big deal I may smack him. I know age is all a state of mind and all that other crap but WHOA. Suddenly it seems like a big deal and a crisis of faith (in myself) all of a sudden.
I guess there is nothing more for me to do except sit down, put my head between my knees and breath deeply. With any luck I’ll get a headrush. : )

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