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June 4, 2007 / erin

see what I mean by Startitis?


Pattern: Jaywalkers for my MIL.

Yarn:  Some mystery sockotta from the stash.  I am quite happily surprised by its stripyness.

Notes: I used 1’s for a garter stitch cuff. then switched to 2’s for the rest of the sock.

Anastasia using the yarn I bought from thankewe.  It so deliciously soft.


Plain socks using Sophie’s Toes in State Fair, and some leftover "green is the new black" for the toes, heels, and cuffs.


Nate’s sock it’s from the vintage sock book.  I forget the name of this one. It’s something or other in ringwood pattern. These were originally suppose to be beige, but I couldn’t bring myself to cast them on, so I opted instead for some Shelridge Farms in gunmetal blue.  I figure they’ll be "manly" enough.


Some Feather Pluckin’ socks for myself, using my Piddleloop collaboration sock kit yarn. (Twisted Fiber Arts, Kabam in Jinkees).  Sigmund the Guard squirrel has been slacking. He’s become easily distracted. All I have to do is remember to fill the bird feeders.


I’ve succumbed to the chevron scarf as well.  I had some leftovers of Gloss, and Koigu that I had always thought I would use together.


I’ve put Jess cardigan, the argosy wrap,  and Nate’s vest aside for a while.  It’s just too hot.

But I’m still plugging away at my share of a baby blanket.

And the string bags, of course

All other non essential knitting supplies have been packed. (With the exception of a few skeins of sock yarn.)

You know this always happens. I’ll stick to a couple pf projects for a while, and then I’ll just go crazy and cast on everything.  Hopefully, when I hit my goal of being a relatively stash-free knitter, (sock yarn doesn’t count, remember?) I can stay on task better.



  1. Lesa / Jun 4 2007 4:10 PM

    damn girl! that is a lot of socks!

  2. Carol / Jun 4 2007 4:37 PM

    What is this NON ESSENTIAL knitting supplies thing that you speak of? Wow, that’s alot of great knitting! Your JWs got a perfect stripe going! I string bag down, #2 to commence this week!

  3. Suz / Jun 5 2007 8:51 AM

    Wow. Lesa was so excited she posted twice! Heehee!
    I love me some sock piccys and those just sent me over the moon! Oh yeah, baby!
    Hmmm. Non Essential Knitting Supplies? Uhhh. Errrr. Does Not Compute.

  4. jen / Jun 5 2007 2:03 PM

    i really need to figure out how to cast on for the anastasia’s i want to knit up.
    your thankewe yarn is gorgeous!

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