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June 6, 2007 / erin

school’s out.

So, today is Jess’ first day of summer vacation.
For the last week or so,  it has become apparent that Jess has grown A LOT since last fall.  virtually none of her warm weather clothes fit. (last week was expensive.  we had to go clothes shopping.)  She no longer fits on her bike.  And her mobility cane has been too short for some time now.  We measured her yesterday.  She has grown three inches since last September.  Well, no wonder nothing fits her.

So, today we’re off to shop for a new bike.  this should be interesting.  Jess needs toe clips, because if she picks her foot off of the pedal, it’s difficult for her to locate it again.  The last time I went into a bike shop to look for them, the help was anything but. The shop didn’t have any small enough and when they asked why i needed them, and I explained it, they told me she shouldn’t be on a bike anyway.

This pissed me off.  One, she is a little girl, she is not riding in traffic anyway.  Two, why should she be denied the joy and exercise of bike riding? Three, she does have some sight.  Jess is legally blind, sure but she is also farsighted, and EXTREMELY nearsighted.  Meaning she can see something across the room, and something a a few inches from her, but somewhere in the middle there, she will lose sight of things. So she can sort of see where she is going, she just can’t get close enough to her feet to see that they are on the friggin pedals.   She would obviously be supervised.  And what kind of prick, especially one that works in a BIKE SHOP, would say something like that?

I’m still debating whether to buy her new cane now, or wait until the fall.  One one hand, it would be nice for her to practice over the summer, but on the other, she is not really ready to use it in public.  Although the cane would still serve as a marker to others, and then maybe they would think twice before they spoke.

ok, enough ranting.

I’m hoping to hear from her new Orientation and Mobility person soon, and get her input.

meanwhile, sock progress.


the plain socks.  (For my Ma’s birthday.)
I just need to finish the cuff on this and they’ll be done.

My feather pluckin’ sock. The picture is a bit off.  this yarn is soft and lovely, but seems to reflect the flash a lot.


I have been working on the baby blanket as well.




  1. Meghan / Jun 6 2007 11:13 AM

    Hi, I’ve been lurking for a few months now. I think it’s wonderful that you’re teaching your daughter that she can be a normal kid and ride a bike. I read your Last Straw post and almost hit the floor. The nerve of some people! I think you handled it very well and I just wanted to speak up and give you some aplause. Also I love your socks, even if the colors are a little unclear. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  2. carma / Jun 6 2007 1:19 PM

    Is it bad that I already know what bike shop you went to just by your description of the “help”?
    As if it’s any of their business why you need anything you are willing to purchase.
    Jess is amazing and so are you (shaddup and quit mentally arguing with me).
    Is her cane at all useful in it’s current size for practice purposes?

  3. jen / Jun 6 2007 2:23 PM

    i’m really so over people this summer. They are so hateful.
    she can come over and rinde in the cul de sac anytime.

  4. Laurie / Jun 6 2007 3:30 PM

    Dumb Bike Shop Bastard. I’m just sayin’.
    Nice work on Ma’s socks!

  5. Lesa / Jun 6 2007 4:39 PM

    michelle is thinking of getting a button that says, “No, really, I am hearing impaired!”
    It’s funny, I know people who wear two hearing aids who can’t hear a dump truck in a nitrogylcerin factory who people will make a point of yelling and speaking clearly at, but those very same people get really upset when Michelle says “what?” 30 times during a conversation.
    If it were me, I would tell the ass what I thought of him. Then I would ask to talk to the asses boss and explian why you are not going to buy anything from them ever again. The ass should be fired for forced into sensitivity training.

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