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June 7, 2007 / erin

One more down.

Ma’s birthday socks are done.  She knows about them. She’s even tried them on. They’re a little big on my, and good thing too, because I really like them.


Yarn: Sophie’s Toes in "State Fair" and some leftover "Green is the New Black".

Pattern: none

Notes:  These were toe up socks, with a short row heel, and some calf shaping.  2×2 rib cuff bound off in kitchener.

I figured I better work on a pair for myself so I stop coveting all these other socks I am making.  I show you progress on the sock that is unwilling to photograph well.


My feather pluckin’ sock.

Jess and I had a wonderful experience at another local bike shop yesterday.  The gentleman that helped us was quite helpful and eager to brainstorm with me on how to make Jess’ new bike work for her.  I spent a little more than I wanted, but the bike, (when it is modified and ready) should be just the ticket.

Yesterday I had an eye exam, with a new doctor and found that my glasses are far too strong.  No wonder I have to keep taking them off. I picked out some new frames and treated myself to a pair of prescription sunglasses.  I can’t wait until they come in.



  1. Meghan / Jun 7 2007 1:44 PM

    Glad to hear that Jess had a good bike experience! Funny how easy it is to spend more money in a pleasant environment 😛
    I think the feather pluckin look better in this pic then yesterdays and I love the socks for your Ma. Bee-utiful!

  2. Jasmine / Jun 7 2007 3:29 PM

    Yea for the new bike!! Yea for finished objects!! yea for more socks!! (I think writing report card comments after running three legged races all day for a very hot field day has addled my brain — maybe I should go get some frozen custard)

  3. Lesa / Jun 7 2007 4:45 PM

    amazing, someone who wants to sell you a bike gets you to spend extra because he doesn’t question your judgment as a mother!
    That is why I would have told the manager at the other store why I will not be buying a bike from them when their clerk is so darn rude.

  4. jen / Jun 7 2007 6:45 PM

    yay for the bike!
    state fair is so pretty!
    your jinkee’s looks supurb!
    news flash i’ve got 2 more dishcloths to do then i’m DONE! and casting on those anastasias!

  5. Nell / Jun 7 2007 7:20 PM

    The stripes are so pretty. Gorgeous yarn!

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