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July 27, 2007 / erin


so, why the empty etsy shop? Truth be told, between this week of constant running and the rain I have no decent pictures of anything that goes in the shop.  I’m working on it.

What else am I working on? Besides trying to keep my sanity? Jess’s birthday gift. The pinwheel blanket.

It’s got about a 30 inch diameter now, but I just want to finish it already. I’m thinking giant lace edging. So I’m thinking on it.

Carma’s due here late Friday. Saturday we’re having a small family affair for Jess’ coming birthday, as my family. Sunday we are heading to Fort Branch for a few days. Hopefully I’ll have more pictures for y’all.


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  1. Carol / Jul 27 2007 10:06 AM

    Yay Jess! Spread that birthday out for all it’s worth!!! What a pretty blanket! It looks sooo soft and huggable. Setting up shop is tons of work, but it’s up and running, all you have to worry about is stock! This is really exciting, I’m so happy for you!

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