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August 2, 2007 / erin

6 days early.

Jessica’s birthday blanket. Done, with a few days to spare.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran in pale yellow (8 balls) and Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Merlot (2 balls).  What can I say? Jess has expensive tastes. Actually the LHKA was bought on closeout, so it’s not so bad.
Pattern: Pinwheel Blanket.
Notes: I used  Emily Ocker’s cast on, and Russian join when it came time to add another ball. For the border I alternated rounds of *k2tog, yo* and knit.  Then purl one round, knit one round, and BO purl-wise.

Jess picked out the border. Maroon and Gold. Her new school colors, which as a matter of fact, if we were to stay here, would also be her old school colors.

Now I plan to finish up some lingering UFO’s around here when I get some time.  Posts are about to become (more) sporadic. As of next week we will not have an ISP for a while (at the new house), so if you are trying to email me and don’t get a response, I am not ignoring you. My Apologies in advance.

A sneak peak at an "unable-to-blog-about-just-yet" project.



  1. Chris / Aug 2 2007 4:16 PM

    Yeah, for getting it done early! I am so not on time, or ever early on projects. Hope all goes well with the move.

  2. trek / Aug 2 2007 4:23 PM

    Looks like a larger version of a dishcloth someone once sent me – very nice.

  3. Suz / Aug 2 2007 4:36 PM

    Good luck with your move. 😉

  4. jess / Aug 2 2007 6:51 PM

    hooray! lucky Jess, great blanket (good taste, that one). 🙂
    hope the move goes well! and hmm, are those mitered squares? 🙂

  5. Carol / Aug 3 2007 9:09 AM

    What a pretty blanket! So this is early, but just in case, Happy Birthday Jess Sweetie!
    A friend of mine made 3 of these in baby sizes for gifts, and now seeing this one, I have to make one too! Do you think really nice projects are contagious? I kinda do.

  6. Laurie / Aug 3 2007 7:58 PM

    I love the stripes!
    And congrats on finishing the blankie! Nice job!!

  7. Lesa / Aug 4 2007 12:40 AM

    I am going to have Erin withdrawls!

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