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August 12, 2007 / erin

Weekend Update

I think a good indication of growing up (or at least moving in that direction) is the purchases that excite you. My example of this for this weekend…

A push mower and a shop vac.

Granted in a lot of ways these purchases mean more work for me but lets look beyond that for a minute, shall we?

I spent several hours of my weekend both yesterday and today using the new mower to cut down the knee-high weeds that have been masquerading as weeds. Let’s just say they got away from us a bit. I’m sporting quite the attractive (and fairly painful) burn at the moment. I did manage to stave off heat exhaustion (twice) when The Boy started up the generator and pointed to beloved box fan directly at me.

Perhaps another indication of growing up is when you need to go back to work to get a break…

I think I need someone to stage an Etsy intervention for me. Anytime I get a few minutes I find myself tooling around that site adding WAY to many things and sellers to my favorites. I try to keep the impulse buys to a minimum. I said TRY.

Ok I need your advice once again. I’m going to a tea and dessert bridal shower for The Boy’s friend next Sunday. I’m already planning to get them something off their registry. But, and maybe this is just me, I think someone that is having a tea and dessert reception also needs some bonifide hankies. Now most of the ones I have were my mom’s or grandma’s or given to me by Erin. And I love them… there is just something so “dainty” about using a hanky to dab at your eyes rather than a tissue. And while dainty is NOT a word most people would use to describe me it is a perfect description for the bride (& I mean this in a good way just so there is no confusion). Anyway… Anyone know where I could find some nice hankies that aren’t going to break my bank?

I can’t believe Jessica starts kindergarten tomorrow… I know she’s been going to school for years but KINDERGARTEN. Hopefully Erin can put up with dial up at the new place long enough to give us a report. : )

Have a good week everyone. I’ll try to check back in again. Hopefully by then I’ll have a card reader so I can post with pictures!



  1. kayt / Aug 13 2007 8:38 AM

    if you find someone to stage an etsy intervention for you….. please send them my way. The hubby would be very appreciative. 🙂

  2. Laurie / Aug 13 2007 10:03 AM

    I’ll tell ya, I love getting a new appliance or power tool. It’s up there with getting yarn…really!
    So I’m guessing that no one on Etsy has hankies? I think it’s a great idea as a gift (but have no idea where you can get them, sorry).

  3. wenders / Aug 13 2007 11:50 AM

    On the purchases – I hear ya! I just bought a bed for the express purpose of it being a guest bed. Crazy.

  4. Carol / Aug 14 2007 9:40 AM

    Please…I’m thrilled that I’m getting a soldering gun:)

  5. wendy / Aug 15 2007 11:55 AM

    What about silk hankies:
    or you could try your luck with ebay:
    or you could try this lady’s hankies that she hand crochets lace onto at a good price, at least I think it is for the work(it’s torwards the bottom):

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