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September 4, 2007 / erin

THIS is Iowa?


This weekend The Boy, sensing my extreme need to spend time with him that didn’t in ANY way involve the Lodge, took Saturday off and the rest of the weekend was spent taking it easy. Saturday we went canoeing down the Cedar River. It was just beautiful, no pictures though because the whole canoes tend to tip over thing. We didn’t really end up in the drink so all was for naught but…

The above picture was taken at the Sac & Fox Overlook just north of Steamboat Rock, IA. We spent the Sunday afternoon/evening taking the cherry picker (which we’ve been borrowing for well over a year) down to a friend of The Boy’s place (this friend and his wife are also building their own place themselves… kindred spirits). I can’t believe that area is even in the state of Iowa. It’s the Iowa River Greenbelt and is home to several species of plants and animals that aren’t found anywhere else. And it’s HILLY. IN IOWA. I know I was shocked too. : )

Also on Sunday when The Boy was doing some light work on the Lodge deck I studied the Moderne Baby Blanket pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I would have started the pattern but then I realized that the color I wanted to start with wasn’t the color in my bag. Oops. Then again I’ve had the yarn since my last trip to Indiana over a month ago so really it’s not like I’m in a hurry I guess.

I also have a red scarf that I started forever ago that I should probably finish and get out. Although I’m fairly certain I have no clue where I left off in the pattern so who knows if that scarf will EVER be finished in it’s current incarnation. I was tempted to take a photo of it as it is but figure if I end up frogging it if there’s no photographic evidence then I can claim it never existed. : )

So that’s really the news from this front right now. I got a new job (kinda) at work. Basically it’s the exact same job I had but doing it full time rather than part time and doing it in the call center rather than a traditional branch. No more face to face! : ) I worked in a call center when I lived in Indiana so I know it’s not all champagne and roses but the #1 happy news about it? They actually encourage you to bring things to "entertain" yourself between calls on slower days (like weekends/ nights). Of course this means KNITTING TIME! I’m so excited. Maybe I’ll actually have something to show y’all. 🙂



  1. jen / Sep 4 2007 10:25 PM

    ooooh when i paged dr’s for a living i used to knit. But i was on my way out cause i wanted to be a graphic designer and i just leanred how to knit, but taught all the operators to knit!

  2. Carol / Sep 5 2007 6:02 AM

    What a beautiful place! And if you say you’re knitting a red scarf, then you are. 😉 Congrats on the score! Knitting at work, that’s a beautiful thing!

  3. wendy / Sep 5 2007 9:13 AM

    Sounds like a lovely job to me…no face to face and knitting.I’m not sure it gets better than

  4. Laurie / Sep 8 2007 8:54 AM

    Beautiful photo. That’s one part of Iowa I’d visit!
    And the job sounds so perfect. Can’t wait to see what you start to crank out.

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