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October 2, 2007 / erin


This no Internet thing really blows.  No blog-reading, no email. It’s been rough. The current number of unread posts in my bloglines is 510.  I’d love to come see and comment but I just can’t right now. I’m sorry.

This little package left the house on Friday to go to a forgotten sockapalooza participant. I hope she likes it.

The chevron scarf is finally done.

as are my feather pluckin’ socks from the piddleloop collaboration.

Last week, while I was writing my last post and updating my ravelry at the Panera Bread in Evansville, I was discovered by Chrisknits, and a few other local knitters. They are such a wonderful bunch. I met even more the next day at their get together at the Four Ladies Needle Art. It really made my week.

Also last week we traveled to Indianapolis for Jessica’s Autism evaluation at  Riley Hospital.  All went well and just as we had been saying all along, she is not autistic. Yes, she displays many autistic characteristics, but they are all due to either her visual impairment, her sensory issues, or her personality. I think the board described her personality as "natural born leadership qualities". I refer to them as stubbornness and bossiness. But really, she’s mostly a very happy and sweet girl.  She is doing far better in school, and adjusting to the move quite well.

The adjustment for me is coming a bit slower, but I am doing fine, and trying to push through my Christmas knitting. Yes, already.I find I prefer to freak out about it in October and November and then let all the other stresses of the holiday season occupy my December.

Gegee sent Jess a package in the mail. It was a Dora dress up kit. She was excited.  So excited she almost forgot about her two loose teeth.



  1. jen / Oct 2 2007 11:15 AM

    “natural born leadership qualities”
    now that doesn’t suprise me ONE BIT!
    i got your package today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cried when i saw the sweater clips..and no i’m not being overly dramatic or lying. And right now when i still look at them i cry with such happiness cause they were probably idas (no?) and they are beautiul and i feel so enough to make it hip to wear sweater clips. I’m so trying them out this weekend if it cools off.
    I was trying to get nat to come to southern indiana with me in a few weeks to see if he wanted to see the leaves. we could hang, maybe bribe you for a place to stay for the night. stuff things.
    i miss you.
    thank you for the chicago stuff nat and i have good times looking at everything.

  2. Laurie / Oct 2 2007 11:48 AM

    Jess looks pretty darned please with her outfit! 🙂
    Did the invoking of “SPOON!” help? Just reading that title made me start to laugh. I miss The Tick. 😦
    Love the chevron scarf AND your socks.

  3. Lesa / Oct 2 2007 3:36 PM

    Yes, Jess is TOTALLY a leader. We knew that!
    She looks a little like Dora. A little.

  4. Chris / Oct 2 2007 3:49 PM

    Tell Miss Jess she looks just like Dora!

  5. Suz / Oct 2 2007 7:20 PM

    Omg, Dora dress up stuff?!! Too cool!
    That’s fantastic news about knitters finding you! We’re everywhere, Muhahahahaha!!

  6. carma / Oct 2 2007 8:49 PM

    Ok how is it that we both get bit by the “posting bug” on the same day?
    I wrote my post the day you posted your last one & so I waited… Ha! That’ll learn me, eh?
    Hey… I know it’s probably a long shot but think you could meet me in Chicago on 10/13 for 1000 Knitters?

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