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October 23, 2007 / erin

All the cool kids… and now me.

YAY! I finally got my invite to join Ravelry! WOOHOO! Ever since Erin gave me a sneak preview back in the day I have been waiting for that email. 🙂 My user name is Carma.

Sadly I got it about a week ago but my OS is too old so I couldn’t update my profile or anything from my computer. The Boy was nice enough to let me borrow his yesterday to get all set up. Now I just need to figure out my stash and get it in there.. And those ellusive "projects". I am seriously excited. This will go well with my not-so-new found plan to organize el apartmento.

I have to work all next weekend so I have today off so hopefully my excitment with regards to cleaning things up and out will carry over. I’m going to try to stick to the "if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, it has to go". And the plan is to stick to small portions of my apartment at a time. I’m attempting to start with the kitchen (believe me there is a ton of stuff in there I never use…) and then work my way around my apartment. Granted this could take days but my plan is to stay positive.

I’m using playing with yarn as a reward… In part because I don’t have any space to display my yarn for pictures and cataloging until I clear the place out. 🙂

Wish me luck.



  1. jen / Oct 23 2007 10:21 AM

    totally found you!

  2. Becky in Iowa :O) / Oct 23 2007 10:28 AM

    sweet!! I just now got my invite too! I’m tweaked cause a friend let me sneak a peek too.

  3. erin / Oct 24 2007 8:53 AM

    YAY! Sorry no post from me this week or probably next. we have a couple busy weeks.

  4. Suz / Oct 25 2007 7:00 PM

    Good luck!
    Welcome to the Ravelry addiction! It’s fun.

  5. Carol / Oct 26 2007 9:41 PM

    Congrats on getting the email! I’ll have to add you to my friends! Good luck with the cleanout too.

  6. Laurie / Oct 28 2007 5:40 PM

    Welcome to Ravelry! And good luck with the cleaning out. It’s a great idea!

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