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November 20, 2007 / erin


First, an update on my dad…

All’s well that ends well. My dad is home now. I’m sorry I didn’t update like I said I was going to… Things got a little dicey for awhile there, I’m really thankful the people that I work with are so understanding. The long and the short of it is he was supposed to have two procedures last Friday. He ended up having one then had a bit of a "glitch" which after some tests ended up being nothing so he had the second procedure yesterday and went home today (originally this wasn’t going to be an extended stay visit).

I do thank you all for your thoughts and karma. Especially thanks to Erin and Cari. You guys are great.

On to the other stuff…


I’m fairly prepared to completely freak out about the whole Christmas is right around the corner thing. Didn’t we JUST do this??? I want to knit some gifts but I also want to retain some sort of sanity. I already tried the "let’s just sit this year out" tactic. It didn’t work.

I started a scarf for The Boy’s grandma but my heart just isn’t in it. It’s one of those fits and starts things. I’ll knit on it for a couple hours, ’til I’m literally stiff, then I’ll just walk away for a few days. I blame the weather (a note, I blame the weather for everything). Once I dig out the camera and get it in the same general locale as the knitting I’ll try to snap a halfway entertaining picture.

The one person I really want to knit for this year is my dad. A couple years ago when I first learned to knit I made him the World’s Most Basic scarf out of some incredibly bulky Lion Brand something or other. The man apparently loves it. Lately (obviously before this most recent medical hiccup) everytime I talk to him he mentions it. He’s big into riding his motorcycle and he’ll ride it when the temps are ridiculous (he once got me on it in December for a Toys for Tots parade… It was 17 degrees… apparently crazy runs in the family). He said that he wears it under his "leathers" and it keeps him really warm. Everyone is jealous.

I think he’s just ASKING for another homemade scarf. ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps something a little less "simple" and more for "everyday" should he so chose. The biggest problem I’m having is color. I might be the worst daughter on the planet but I couldn’t tell you my dad’s favorite color if my life depended on it. The scarf I already made him is cream with orange fringe on one end and black on the other (yeah, my dad’s bikes are Harleys). While  I’m sure that color scheme fits him just fine and I know I would be making it for him, if I try to knit in a Harley themed scarf I’ll cry.

Then I noticed that I have an enormous skein (465 yards) of Fisherman’s Wool (although in my mind I keep calling it Fisherman’s Friend which I’m pretty sure is a line of cough drops… But I’m a dork so everytime I think it I giggle). I was thinking I would make him a scarf out of this…. I didn’t get my "I stain everything" gene from my dad so I think the color option should work and again it does kind of side-step the issue of not knowing his favorite color.

If I do decide to go with the Fisherman’s (Friend HA!) Wool route can anyone recommend a good pattern? Because the yarn is so plain it can be something relatively interesting but not so interesting that I can’t knit it at work or while The Boy is trying to distract me with plans for the kitchen cabinets.

Oh and also the scarf I’m making for The Boy’s grandma is your basic stockinette/ reverse stockinette block so for my sanity we may have to stay away from that.

Finally one last question… Anyone have any feelings on Lamb’s Pride? I found a WONDERFUL felted messenger bag pattern (seriously considering giving EVERYONE store bought presents and cast on 12 of these bags for me) that calls for it. I know I don’t have to go with the yarn the pattern specifies but this stuff doesn’t appear to be too pricey and, really, that’s a bit of a shock. I’m finding if you were to use a specified yarn for a project you might end up making a $75 2 foot scarf. Any yarn I use I’m going to have to order online so if you have any suggestions or views about Lamb’s Pride I would really appreciate it.

If I don’t get a chance to tell you all this before Thursday… Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m making dinner with The Boy’s mom and actually looking forward to it (sure beats swinging a hammer).   



  1. Chris / Nov 21 2007 8:10 AM

    I think Lamb’s Pride is too fuzzy because of the mohair content. But if you like mohair, it’s your thing. I like Cascade 220 for felting, and the color range is huge! Our shop stocks all the colors in the solids, heathers, hand paints and quattros. And we have the low price of 6.60 for 220 yds. Most shops have increased their Cascade 220 price. Erin can tell you how “nice” we are! Really, we are. You can call 1-877-220-yarn to order.

  2. erin / Nov 22 2007 9:38 AM

    It’s fuzzy, but felts well, but it’s even fuzzier after you felt it. If you’re felting it, go with Patons classic merino. it felts well, and sometimes felts even when you don’t want it to.

  3. erin / Nov 22 2007 9:41 AM

    Not e to self, read comments befor ecommenting. Cascade ffelts wonderfully too. Four ladies is easily my favorite yarn shop in evansville. I was thinking of Patons bc Imade a sweater out of it for Nate in January that has since (unintentionally) been felted.

  4. suec / Nov 22 2007 9:47 PM

    hi- so there is a stitch pattern on one of the Harmony guides called “windmill” it is easy to memorize and makes a nice reversible scarf that lays flat without you having to torture and block it and it is a good unisex kind of thing; i have knitted a couple scarves with it. it is 20 stitches over 20 rows so i cast on 40 stitches which makes for a good scarf width.

  5. Carol / Nov 23 2007 3:17 PM

    Good luck on the scarf for your dad, I’m so very happy to hear he’s doing much better! Happy Holidays! I can’t believe I just said that. Lambs Pride is a little fuzzy, but good stuff. I used their cotton/wool blend for my Clapotis, and man is it warm!

  6. Laurie / Nov 24 2007 10:23 AM

    So glad your Dad’s home now. Big sigh of relief!
    Lamb’s Pride – great felter! I’ve made a few totes with it.
    Scarf pattern – Sharfik by Grumperina
    Hello Yarn Irish Hiking Scarf
    Happy Holiday weekend to you!

  7. lelsey / Nov 25 2007 10:49 AM

    for felting i am a huge fan of cascade 220. there isn’t any mohairy nonsense in the finished product and you get a little more yardage for your buck ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Tiny Tyrant / Nov 29 2007 5:35 PM

    Here is a basic no brainer pattern from our dear Miss Harlot and is completely reversible.
    Should look really nice with the some texture in the yarn of your choice.
    I am using Rowan Felted Tweed on it right now and I don’t knit fast. But it’s coming along nicely.
    Try it.
    Glad to hear your dad is okay.

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