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November 30, 2007 / erin

picture heavy.

I fully intended to post on Tuesday, this week.  But I had a hell of a day.
I loaded up the car Tuesday morning to do my usual Tuesday thing. (Drive to Evansville, coffee and Internet access at Panera, stop and see some knitters at borders, and then continue with whatever errands I need to do.)
I was happily on my way driving south on the by pass in the right hand lane, when the semi next to me in the left lane decided he wanted to be in the right, and came on over. He apparently did not even see me. As he maneuvered his lane change I went off onto the should and was headed for the ditch, when the driver finally saw me. He changed back to the left and hit his brakes. In my effort to avoid the ditch, I went squirrelly, and spun out in front of him and continued spinning through the grassy median, stopping a few feet from Northbound traffic.

Amazingly, we did not make contact. I was OK, he was OK, and my car was OK. (Well, I think one of my tires is now out of balance, but hey, I’m not here to complain.) The semi driver ran over to make sure I was OK, and apologized. He just did not see me. I’m just thankful he didn’t cream me when I spun out in front of him.

Anyway, it kinda ate into my computer time.

We had a pretty nice Thanksgiving. We even had a visitor.

Jess and I have been crafting together. It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s the first year she’s been really excited and participated. We’d like to show you what we’ve been  up to.

Zeke, designed by Jess.

We saw Ida this weekend and decided she needed some Christmas decorations. I made her a wreath for her door.Dsc03297_2

Some old quilt pieces I found in Pet’s sewing room. (sorry for the bad pic. they’re all under glass and I couldn’t get rid of the reflection.

made some adjustments to my lady detective hat. It’s now wearable.

a couple crocheted cocktail rings. One is for Jess the other is a gift.

Yes, Carma, that it is my hand, and yes, that silver band between the two rings is the knot ring you gave me.
There is also half a stuffed kitty and a home made doll, but I don’t seem to have photos of them
there has been some knitting.
the tiled duster from IK, mostly done. (a gift)

Nate’s socks.

a trekking XL smoke ring.

I’ve also found some old spiralets around the place. they make excellent stitch markers.
OH! I forgot about Jolene! Well, look for Jolene this weekend.



  1. Suz / Nov 30 2007 1:10 PM

    You girls have sure been busy over there.
    Zeke is cute, oh wait….is he supposed to be cute? LOL!
    I love the photo of the visitor in your yard.

  2. jen / Nov 30 2007 2:55 PM

    zeke!!! he is pretty awesome!

  3. Lauren / Nov 30 2007 5:12 PM

    I’m so glad you’re okay and didn’t get run over!
    (and that sweater is looking fab!)

  4. carma / Nov 30 2007 10:38 PM

    Holy SHIT! I’m glad you’re OK. Wow, yeah I think I would have had to scrap the whole trip to Evansville to go home and change my pants.
    I found the perfect shirt for you today, the fact that it was on someone else shouldn’t deter you, I will find another. 🙂
    Cory says Hi (several times and is nearly offended I didn’t type it as soon as he said it), he also wants to make sure Jess knows he says Hi too.

  5. Laurie / Dec 2 2007 12:10 PM

    So many pictures, my head is spinning!
    Love Zeke. So cute. And you lady detective’s hat – WOW!

  6. Carol / Dec 2 2007 6:09 PM

    So glad you’re alright! OMG, that’s kinda life changing. Nice to know he actually stopped and even apologized (faith in humanity restored) You sure are one busy girl, hope you two are having fun together!

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