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January 10, 2008 / erin

In honor of my upcoming 30th birthday…

… I propose another photo scavenger hunt. The first one was so much fun.

The contest:

A photo scavenger hunt.

The Hunt List

  • a funny bumper sticker.
  • Take your picture with someone in uniform.(any type of uniform will do.)
  • An unusual perspective — could be everyone’s shoes, or the just top of their heads.
  • a movie poster
  • neon lights
  • a directional sign (a sign that points)
  • salt and pepper shakers.
  • something that appears out of place.


Your job is to find and photograph the items on the list. All pictures must be your own.  Then you will comment on this post,
to direct us to your blog to see you photos.   All those who enter will
be eligible, as long as you have at least 75% of the list.  All entries
must be posted, and comment left by, Thursday, January 24th, 2008, 11:59pm (cst). (my birthday)

The prizes? I’m working on those, and they will be added to this post, so keep an eye out. Winners will be picked randomly.

The prize bag is up and in the side bar.



  1. Chris / Jan 10 2008 4:03 PM

    How fun! I will have to throw the camera in the car and see what I can find. At first I read “bunny bumper sticker”. Now that would have been hard to find!

  2. Robyn / Jan 10 2008 5:19 PM

    Oh, I’m sooo in! An excuse to photograph! Does my son in Santa costume count as an outfit?

  3. Katy / Jan 10 2008 7:35 PM

    ooo fun! I will give it a shot.

  4. Suz / Jan 10 2008 7:35 PM

    OMG! Squeeeeee! I’m in!! YAY!

  5. carma / Jan 10 2008 9:19 PM

    Now that I have a stinking camera, can I enter too? Obviously my post would have to be here…

  6. jen / Jan 10 2008 11:02 PM


  7. wendy / Jan 11 2008 8:43 AM

    Oh…yeah! I hope to get all those. I can’t wait. Thanks!

  8. Carol / Jan 11 2008 6:42 PM


  9. Em / Jan 14 2008 9:04 AM

    OK, I’m in – I’ll try to get this up on my blog ASAP! I think the hardest thing for me will be ‘something out of place’… I think this will be such fun! Welcome to the 30’s! Em

  10. jennifer / Jan 22 2008 3:43 AM

    Just found you and love the idea of a scavenger hunt! And Happy birthday to you!

  11. Em / Jan 22 2008 6:08 PM

    OK, I’ve got them all! Happy Birthday Girl! Em

  12. Tiny Tyrant / Jan 24 2008 12:52 AM

    I’m in. I’m in. It’s only 10:49 pm PACIFIC time the 23rd.
    Have a great birthday Erin!

  13. Robyn / Jan 24 2008 9:26 AM

    I am going to blog my entry tonight. Thanks for hosting this contest. I had fun looking for these images!

  14. wendy / Jan 24 2008 6:51 PM

    Wow…made it in time. Here you go
    Thanks for the fun!

  15. Robyn / Jan 24 2008 10:55 PM

    My post is up! Here’s the link:
    Enjoy my photos. And the cute Israeli Paramedics in uniform…!

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