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January 28, 2008 / erin

The hunt is over

I’m such a dOrk! I wrote out this post and had to hurry home. I thought I had posted it, but it saved as a draft. So sorry.

The Participants

Tiny Tyrant





The Winners

(A girl should never be without her dice bag)

The lace weight and book:


The sock kit:


The cable toss mitts:


Thanks to all of you who entered. Those of you who didn’t make it this time around, I will do this again. The prizes will be sent out this week, so, you winners need to email me your addresses.

Jess got a new pair of mittens
Pattern: Target wave mittens from knitting nature.
Yarn: Cascade 220 super-wash, in color names I do not recall.

Nate’s anniversary gloves have not been finished. I have one done.

I did make a pair of mitts for myself.

Pattern: Cable toss mitts, by Barbara McIntyre
Yarn: Alpaca with a twist, Highlander.
Notes: I made these just a little shorter than the pattern calls for.

Next week, Nate, Jess and I are becoming members of our church.  This means that Sunday Nate and Jess will be baptized. I had wanted to make Jess a shrug/bolero-type thing to wear, and I had some lovely lace weight alpaca.  My thought was to make a mini pi shawl, then add sleeves for a circle jacket, all with a lace border.

I had finished the circle, and was just about done with the lace border, and then set it down for the night. The next morning, Jess and I went through our routine, and at some point I sat down to finish the edging, but I couldn’t find my project.

As I looked around I found the ball of yarn i was working from, considerably smaller then I had left it., and i followed the alpaca lace weight trail to under our swivel rocker. I breathed deep and took a peek under it. It was awful. My project, along with a good bit of yarn, had been twisted and mangled around the greasy base of the chair. After a few futile attempts to save it, I muttered some rather foul language to myself, and went to fetch the scissors. I spent about fifteen minutes clipping the thing off of the chair, in an attempt to save my circular needle.

Apparently, Jess has been curious about my project, picked it up to inspect it, and put it down on the floor. she then watched her Backyardigan show in the swivel chair singing along and spinning in the chair, unaware that her foot had caught my project and had carried it along as she spun.

It was purely accidental, but man, did it suck.

So onto plan B


Same basic idea, but in some cascade quattro originally purchased to make Jess some sort of wrap to wear on the walk to church. (Which, for us, is simply walking down the drive.)



  1. Em / Feb 4 2008 10:00 PM

    OH – here it is! Woo hoo! I won some mitts! My daughter loves the backyardigans too!!! Em

  2. Robyn / Feb 5 2008 6:32 PM

    I have no idea how I missed this post!?
    I will email you my coordinates from my Outlook Express (robyn’s nest) where I have your email address saved!
    YEY! So exciting!

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