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April 8, 2008 / erin

hung up

Sorry, folks. Jessica has been having some issues at school that have kept me home, and made it impossible for me to make the journey into Evansville for a WI-FI connection. If you have emailed me and are wondering why I have not responded, now you know.

Some good news.  My corrected Jolene pattern is for sale here.  I’ve started another pair in some smooshy sock yarn. Pictures to come.

Not much has happened in the past few weeks. Jess has been having some problems at school, and we spent our Spring break in Valpo, to get the house there ready to sell. I look forward the the day when we only have one mortgage payment.

I have never seen our house here in the spring. We have always visited in the summer and winter. I’m amazed daily at the flowers that are coming up.  I’ll take some pictures for the next post. The flowers had motivated me to start cleaning out the house again, and in doing so I injured myself.  Nothing major, but some of you already know that when Jess was a baby I broke both bones in my forearm, and I now have a plate in that arm. Sometimes it gives me trouble, like it did all last week.

But I was rewarded for my efforts.

A heap of old magazines.  Home Arts Needlecraft.  from 1933 to 1940.
All sorts of old patterns and the ads are hilarious. I sat on the floor and thumbed through them, giggling like a school girl.

Princess was unimpressed.

Mean while, I have started a gazillion projects with no real progress to show.

This week I have to concentrate on two things, a baby bonnet for a baptism this weekend, and a shawl for a friend who is going to have surgery. Hopefully my sore "bionic" arm will let me get through them.



  1. jen / Apr 8 2008 11:46 AM

    BIONIC erin!
    tell jessica i LOVE my t-shirt have already worn it twice and i had someone comment on it in a random chicago botique. They were like does it say something??? i said i am assured it says LOVED…heh. I took great pride in saying it was handmade for me. Knowing full on i was like ha ha you can’t have one nah nah 😀

  2. Carol / Apr 9 2008 6:38 PM

    Glad everything’s OK. I hope the school thing works out though. I didn’t know you were bionic, hope the warmer weather makes it easier to live with. All the best…

  3. Laurie / Apr 13 2008 1:38 PM

    Sorry that things aren’t going well. Hopefully Spring will turn it all around.
    Maybe Princess needs to learn how to knit? 😀
    Take care!!

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