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July 20, 2008 / erin

Parade of pictures

So, it’s been nearly a year without a working shower; I knew this day was coming.

Long hair+ bathtub= woe.
To be honest, I don’t miss all that hair at all.

Summer vacation whiles away here, Jess and I are having fun most days, but man, she wears me out. She starts back to school August 11th. I look forward to having more free time.

Nate had a plant shutdown the beginning of July, so we went up North to work on the old house, and make it as pretty as possible.  Hopefully it will sell soon.

Once the house sells we can figure out our Internet access, which proves to be a bit of a dilemma.

We have no land line, no cable hook up (installing cable in this house would cost us a fortune I think, so cable modem’s out.) The cellular plans we’ve seen are a joke, so we’re researching it.  I just hope we find a suitable solution. I miss it.

OK, so onto knitting. Today I’ll just post the shawls.


Yarn:  Schafer Anne in Desert flower (1 skein), and some random blue fuzzy stuff for border.
Pattern: basic mystery pi with the lace patterns made up as I went.

Yarn: Noro kureyon sock yarn, 2 skeins, random cotton crochet thread for border.
Pattern:  Super spiral in A gathering of Lace.


Yarn:  Naturespun sport, 2 skeins
Pattern: Sea foam shawl, by Sarah Barbour.

Hopefully, I can get out and post, etc. more often soon, please be patient.  Thanks.



  1. Laurie / Jul 20 2008 3:57 PM

    Hair – Adorable! Looks fresh and light. (And isn’t drying time wonderful?)
    Shawls – All beautiful. You’re a knitting mad woman.
    Much luck with the house.

  2. trek / Jul 20 2008 5:18 PM

    I love the new ‘do. Very stylish and low maintenance – perfect for the summer, especially.

  3. Becky in Iowa :O) / Jul 20 2008 8:38 PM

    Love the hair. 🙂 You won’t regret cutting it. I went from below the rear hair to chin length and I’ll never go back.

  4. carma / Jul 21 2008 10:39 AM

    oooo welcome to the dark side (again) my friend. 🙂
    I loves it.
    Those shawls (& the model) are beautiful!

  5. Lesa / Jul 22 2008 12:41 PM


  6. trashalou / Jul 23 2008 2:32 AM

    WOw! wOW! And WOW! The hair is fabulous but those shawls are even more amazing, esp the middle one. It looks like a galaxy. I love it.

  7. Stephanie / Jul 24 2008 9:36 AM

    I love the new haircut, it’s really flattering.

  8. wendy / Jul 28 2008 11:11 AM

    Awesome hair and shawls!
    When we lived in the trailer lots of people who camped around us had Hughes Statelites that they used for TV (I have no idea if you want this option, TV, too but I think the more something does whether you want it or not is always internet sevices. They love them. I found this but it doesn’t state anything about TV so then I found this article which might be more of a boon to you in the fact that it explains what I I’m talking about. I hope this opens an option for you. Good luck with selling your home.

  9. Carol / Aug 24 2008 5:59 PM

    Your hair looks fantastic! Shawls too!

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