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November 18, 2008 / erin

One less mortgage

So, I've had some interest on the fingerless mitts from the last post. That FREE  pattern will be coming.

Yesterday we closed on the Valpo house. It now belongs the a lovely young couple, and we are less one mortgage.  The first thing I did when we got home was I got out December's mortgage bill and tore it up into tiny mortgage confetti. It was great. We had been spending a quarter of every paycheck on the Valpo house, and we had been doing that for over a year. It's a very good feeling not to have that expense anymore.

While up north, I knit Jess a new hat.

Pattern: Hermione hat by Lauren Kent

Yarn: Arucania Nature Wool

Jess has been working on her own Christmas project.

That's about half of it.  She's been busy.  So, what's she up to? I can't tell yet.



  1. Lesa / Nov 18 2008 10:03 PM

    Love the purple hat (but you knew I would).
    I give up. Is she organizing your stash for x-mas?

  2. Nell / Nov 19 2008 11:07 PM

    YAY for 1 less mortgage!!!

  3. Laurie (Moo!) / Nov 21 2008 3:47 PM

    24 containers of…..?
    Congrats on the closing. Big sigh of relief for ya!

  4. Carol / Dec 29 2008 10:31 AM

    Can you tell what Jess has been up to now? That looks like one big project! Congrats on losing a payment! Yay!

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