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March 13, 2009 / erin

Kitty’s Little Helper.

Have you ever not talked to someone in so long, that when you finally decided to call that person, you then face the dilemma of trying to catch them up on all that has transpired or to just start in with the now?
Our kitty, Princess was due for her yearly shots. While at the vet's, I mentioned that Princess is essentially grooming herself bald, and then pointed out all of her bald patches. She is now on medication to essentially, "chill her out" in hopes of breaking this habit.

I'm concerned. Now that Princess is on "the drugs" (which by the way is how I have been referring to it.) she has been staying out all night, and sleeping all day. I have even caught her with the neighbor cat in his basket. She's out of control. Nate did point out to me that she is a teenager in cat years. Then he started laughing at this completely absurd conversation we were having, and has been teasing me ever since.

I have been knitting, but apparently I have not been taking photos.  don't worry I will get on that.



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  1. Carma / Mar 15 2009 10:20 AM

    Heheheh Princess is the teenager we NEVER were. 😉

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