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August 28, 2009 / erin

Yet another random post

I have two secret projects in the works. I also have no blocked any recent projects, so I have no knitting to show. Well, Maybe a peek.


I have been busy, though. Like I said, I have two projects I am currently working on and hopefully I'll be able to crank out a couple patterns.

Carma and I have been working on our upcoming weekend in St. Louis. I have a feeling we're going to try to cram a week's worth of activity in two days, but either way it should be a good time.

One item on the itinerary, for sure is we'll be in Busch Stadium to watch the Cards play the Cubs. Being that Carma is a cubs fan, and I'm a fan of anyone playing the Cubs, it should be a good time.

In the meantime, we have this to deal with.

This guy was trying to live under the house. Every once in a while, He even started a little remodeling project by gnawing  on the back porch. He's been relocated, along with his possum roommate. The joys of living in the woods.

The tree guy came this week. As always we put him to work downing a few trees and limbs. I'm happy to say that it no longer looks like we have a tree growing out of the roof. Now, onto our next adventure. Getting the roof guy out put on a new roof.


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