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February 25, 2010 / erin

Going for Gold…

I know I've been remiss posting updates about my Olympic Knitting but I hope to make up for it here…

So I started sock number one during the Opening Ceremonies (which were fantastic and I would love to move to Canadian), then on Saturday I went to lunch with my workfriend Abby and knit while waiting for our food. This is a big difference for me – typically I'm too shy (erin, stop laughing… I'm shy SOMETIMES) to do this. But I've recently taught Abby to knit and she understands the Olympic timeframe so I decided to go for it. Erin, sitting there with Abby made me feel like you and I when I first learned but in reverse – You would be the one knitting away and I would be the one sitting there thinking I'm never going to be able to do that. 🙂

Anyway by the end of Saturday evening (day TWO of the games) here is Sock #1…

Indeed that is a turned heel… I don't know why I was so scared of a silly heel!

That Sunday included knitting while doing everyone's favorite, laundry. Here we are Sunday night...


By Monday night I had one completed sock!!!!!


Note to self: Taking the picture of your own sock only succeeds in making your calf look HUGE.
Note to everyone else: Calf in picture may be smaller that it appears.
I followed the pattern exactly because I didn't figure I had time to fiddle with it – so they are a little loose but they will be fantastic "house socks".

And here we are 9 days after Sock #1 was completed…. 


Sock #2 is suffering from both Second Sock Syndrome and Second Child Syndrome. It's taken me three times as long to get to the gusset of this sock as it took me to make the entire first sock. And, while I have at least a half dozen pictures of Sock #1, I only have this one picture of Sock #2. 

Tonight is my late night at work which means for the last 4 hours of my shift I can knit at my desk so I anticipate making a lot of headway in Sock #2. 

I don't want to jinx myself but I think I might be able to really do this…

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