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January 28, 2011 / carma

Where am I?

In the past month & change I have moved 3 times. Well, kind of. The Boy & I got snowed out of the Lodge. We knew it was coming, we were just hoping it would happen after the previously planned date for us to start house sitting for his parents, in town. Granted that date was January 12th and living in Iowa we knew we were taking a chance. Anywho, we moved a good chunk of our “necessities” and the 3 animals into his parents house on Christmas Eve. Walking the half mile in and out to the Lodge over the next couple days. Then stayed at his parents house for a week until a freak late December warm-up meant we were able to drive back to the Lodge. So we moved back for a week (leaving the animals at the parents, since, you know, we were going back there soon anyway). That gave us a chance to make sure we had what we needed for the winter and winterize the Lodge. Then back to his parents house to house sit and pass the rest of the winter.

It should tell you something that as it was snowing to beat the band on Christmas Eve and Cory made the final decision that we should start packing the first thing I did was head to the yarn. I left that night with not even a weeks worth of underwear (most of which was in the dirty laundry hamper I threw in the back of the truck) but I am set in the sock yarn department. A girl has to have her priorities…

Speaking of socks… The only handmade gift to come from yours truly this Christmas was a pair of socks for my dad. I made him a pair for his birthday last year and he was so genuinely excited that I had to reward him with another pair. It doesn’t hurt that his wife is also a knitter so she can repeatedly impress upon him how much love, etc went into “just” a pair of socks.

A truly awful picture of the beloved socks…

Dad's SocksI’m still not that great at taking pictures of my knitting (or heck, pictures in general really) and this picture was taken quickly, at night, with my iPhone so I could get the socks packaged up and on their way before Christmas. Originally I was hoping they would be Hanukkah socks… oops. I promise, contrary to what the picture might show one sock is definitely not lighter than than other.

After finishing those socks and getting them off I finally finished my first pair of socks for me. Again I got, um, creative with the photography. Since they didn’t look good just pointing the phone down to my feet and I couldn’t distract Cory enough to get him to take the picture I laid down on the couch, stuck my feet in the air and took a few snapshots.

Dancin on the ceilinStill Dancin on the ceilin Cory refers to these as my “Dancin on the Ceilin” shots. The pictures seriously don’t do them justice. Once we get some natural light where I can stand outside for more than 30 seconds without fear of frostbite I’ll try for some more flattering shots.

Oh, the details on the socks. Both the socks for my dad and these ones for me are the Knitting Plain and Simple beginners socks. My dad’s are actually the woman’s size and mine are the largest children’s size (clearly midget feet run in the fam). My dad’s were knit with Paton sock yarn in Camo to be “manly” and mine were knit with Essential from KnitPicks in “Meadow Multi”. You can’t really tell in the pictures but the colors actually spiral down the socks (except at the heel). I would love to take credit and say I planned that but, nope, pure fate. 🙂

I’m on a complete sock and Knit Picks kick lately. Two coworkers and I have decided to try a self-imposed sock club for the year. We’ve already gone a little nuts ordering from Knit Picks. They are such enablers! 🙂

Each of us have a slightly different rules for ourselves. Holly is knitting a pair a month. Kathy is not starting any more until she finishes the half finished ones she has about, then she’s going to knit at least a sock a month. I am knitting two socks a month but not necessarily a pair. I find I have a hard time knitting one sock immediately after the other (damn this adult onset ADD). So by years end I hope to have 12 pairs but I’m getting there rather un-traditionally (which, really, suits me to a T).

I’ll get a picture of January’s two socks (which are already done! Go me!!) and post them shortly. Along with the reason for my recent sock kick.


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