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February 7, 2012 / erin


Ok, so my craft closet makeover is on hold until I can find a suitable location for some of the noncrafty items in there.

So instead, I’ve been trying to finish up some projects, use up of or give up some stash items, and decide what I really want to keep.

This has lead to a few blanket projects. Most are gifts, and not ready for their public debut, but one I have been thinking on for a while.

When I was little, my Grandma crocheted blankets got my Brother and I. She made them to match or rooms. My Brother’s was red, white, and blue, to match his toy soldier themed room. My room was bright yellow, with one wall papered in butterflies and flowers. I wish I had a  picture handy to show you.
So, my Grandma studied that wallpaper on a visit, and made me a blanket of ten different colors. Nearly every color used in all those flowers and butterflies.
Here is a corner of it.


It’s now on Jess’ bed. It’s not as bright as it once was, and I  still steal it back when I’m not feeling well. I think I’d like to make one for her and one for James.


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