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March 1, 2012 / erin

Braille Challenge

Back in 2009, the Indiana held it’s first Braille Challenge event at the School for the Blind in Indianapolis.

Jess was then seven, having behavior issues at school, resistant
to Braille and anything that made her feel different, and having a hard time adjusting to anything new. That as it be, we decided to let her attend the event, hoping it might help her to meet even more blind/low vision kids.

It did not go well. She screamed her displeasure through the first and most of the second part of the test, before they came and got me to calm her down. After that, she finished the third part, and then decided that this whole Braille Challenge thing wasn’t so bad.

We’ve gone every year since. We all enjoy ourselves, and Jess has improved every year. This year, she won in her division.

Now I don’t know yet what her award is, it is to be presented to her on the 12th. She is excited. They plan to present her award down here at her school. She is then to be recognized by the school board a week later.

After that, we wait. You see there are many Braille Challenge events across the country. Each one produces five finalists. One for each age division. Once all the events take place, they announce those who will move onto the national event.

So, we wait for May, when they will notify those who go on to the national event. Did I mention it’s in June, in Los Angeles? So, we wait.


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