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July 2, 2012 / erin

Braille Challenge. The abridged version.

There is just too much so I will give you a summary.

Los Angeles was fun. Jess loved it. She flew for the first time and thought it was awesome.

We stayed at the Universal Hilton, attended the Welcome reception on Friday.

Jess did not love it. (The music was way too loud.)

Saturday was testing Jess did great. (with the exception of bawling through some of the opening ceremony. They had the USC Spirit of Troy perform, and again, it was just too loud for her to handle.)

When we got back, we went to Citywalk, then went back to the hotel to get ready for the banquet.

We were seated at the banquet, and realized we had been seated in front of the webcam. (Wish I had a link to video, but I have yet to find one.)

Not an issue, really, it was just weird to have everyone watch you eat. The Banquet was a lot of fun as well, except of course, the music again was so loud that it bothered Jess.

Now Jess is not the only blind kid I have met who has issue with loud music and I was surprised that this detail was overlooked. The top three winners were announced and Jess was not one of them.

She had a moment of disappointment, but then countered, proclaiming she would just have to do better next year (Thatta girl!)


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