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July 20, 2012 / erin

Nate in Nashville,

…For a week, at least. This week  is so, too busy for us to go along. Jess has Braille Club, James a specialist appointment. (He’s fine, don’t worry.) Mom’s coming down for a visit, so i have to make the house at least somewhat presentable. At least enough to fit an extra bed.

so what’s a girl to do when her fella’s away and she and the kids are stuck in (near) record heat? Why, she knits of course!

One Jolene sock down.

One Wedge in the works.

One Jaywallker finished.

That’s right, the knitted socks singles scene is alive and well here. Times like these I wish I had a knitting intern, so I could turn out sock after sock and then make my interns worry about making and exact copy to match.

but knitting can’t fill the whole week. so when the kids are off to bed, my goal is to make some minor improvements to the kitchen. Right now I am in the clean/prep stage, but I’m hoping to get some new paint, possibly a back splash, and who knows what.

The trim needs to be painted something awful, but that might have to wait until the kids leave.


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