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August 17, 2012 / erin

Because I’m feeling Bad.

So today, Jess and I got into an argument over a notebook.

Ok, well you might need more information than that. At school, Jess used to write her work out a lot, but this last year, her vision became worse. It was apparent when you looked at her writing. Most times now, she can’t even read it.

So at her IEP, which is an Individual Education Plan, for those of you who have never dealt with Special Education. Every year we have a meeting with her teachers, at least the ones that will see her the most, and discuss how the next year well go. At her IEP, it was decided she would go to all Braille.

By the way, general education teachers hate this. I don’t blame them. They essentially now have a student that reads and writes in a foreign language, but it is necessary.

Well, Jess has been resisting it. she doesn’t like it because it makes her different, but that is something she needs to do. But that doesn’t stop her from trying to talk her way out of it.

Which brings us back to this morning, when she told me she needed a notebook for Social Studies.

I told her she didn’t need one because she has her Braille Note.

She countered with, the teacher told her she could. (to his credit, he might not be a aware if her all Braille mandate.)

Argument ensued.

I get that she just wants to be normal, but write frankly she isn’t. She’s exceptional, even if her vision was not an issue.


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  1. chrisknits / Aug 17 2012 8:17 AM

    I wish there wasn’t such a strong pull for kids to be like everyone else. With the change to dress code in EVSC it was hilarious to hear all the girls moan about not being able to dress in their “style”, they didn’t want to have to dress like the crowd. Only, every last one of them was wearing the same exact outfit! There was nothing any more individual about their outfits than their neighbor. So, even though they thought they were “different”, they dressed like every other girl. Here at home I am fighting the battle of “everyone else at North has an IPhone”. I could care less what everyone else has! Just glad Caitlin is 100% that way. Hope Jess is able to come to terms with the issue.

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