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August 28, 2012 / erin

Come on, Autumn

After a long, hot summer, I’m ready. I’m trying to gear up for some major fall cleaning, and some minor improvement projects.

Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with this.

I don’t have all of them here. I’ve made about a dozen or so. Why, because I bought this, and I love it.

Ok, for you crocheters that have requested it, the pattern for the jar sleeve. (Warning, I have trouble reading crochet patterns. So imagine me trying to write one.)

I used an E hook & sport weight yarn.
Gauge is approx.
6 halfdouble crochets= 1″

Ch5, slip st in1st ch to join. slip st into center of ring, then ch3. work 13 double crochets into ring. slip st into 3rd ch of your previous ch3.

Ch3, then work 2 double crochets all remaining sts. Slip st into 3rd ch of your previous ch3. you should have 26 double crochets plus your ch3.

ch1, then work 2 single crochets into each st all the way around (54) Join with slip st.

*Ch2, work 1 halfdouble crochet in each st to end of round. join with slip st.*

repeat from * to * for a total of 15 rounds. then finish with one round of single crochet, or the edging of your choice.

I thought while Nate was traveling for work, that I would get a lot if knitting done. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking, because it has been the total opposite. Can’t wait for him to come home & get things back to normal.

Jess’ transition into middle school has gone amazingly well. I’m almost afraid to type that, as if it might break the spell. She’s not my little girl anymore. She’s a young lady. It’s just weird for me.


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