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January 12, 2013 / erin

Jack of all Trades

So, I have yet to decide what I will be when I grow up. Lately it’s just been some odd jobs here and there that I could do to earn a little cash but not have to punch a time clock.
Recently, I had decided to look into some training for yet another side job; something I have been thinking about for a while that I think I would enjoy.
I started looking into certification to repair Braille Writers.

For those who I have now lost, this a Perkin’s Braille Writer.

It a very old-fashioned looking thing, but very useful. They also can be very temperamental.

So to become certified in Braille writer repair, one must attend two workshops, each one week long.

Okay that I could do.

They are in the Boston area.

Hmm, depending on airfare and other expenses I might still be able to swing it.

One must purchase tools.

That’s a bit of a no brainier. They run about $400 at least. So I can probably save up for that.

Each workshop costs $750.


Honestly, any of these separately would probably be manageable, but all together they are quite the opposite. I’m sort of bummed. I’d love to get this training, and I’d also love to go to Boston, but I’m just not in a place to be able to do so right now.

You know what I need right now more than a trip to Boston to learn Braille writer repair? I need a new roof. Also, a roofer that accepts the job then actually shows up to do the job.

(Sigh) Maybe I need to learn how to roof.


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