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June 27, 2013 / erin

Day 35

So James had a birthday on Friday. It was hot and I was tired, so we picked up some cupcakes at the local bakery. James requested Taco Bell for his birthday dinner, so we ate there and enjoyed the air conditioning.

Then we came back home, sang, ate cupcakes, & let James tear into his gifts. That’s when I learned something new. James hates tearing into wrapping paper. He kept making me do it for him. For a destructive little boy, I found this a bit quirky.


Sunday we took in a baseball game, courtesy of Nate’s employer. The Evansville Otters battle the Frontier Greys. We left after the 10th inning, when it was still tied 2-2. Good thing too, because the game went to the 17th inning where the Otters finally won it 3-2.


The Otters play at Bosse field in Evansville, I don’t know if you recognized it, but “A League of Their Own” was filmed here.

4-H is as done as it will get. One fine art pen drawing, framed and ready to be judged, woodworking has been deemed a lost cause,and one ongoing genealogy project, that won’t be submitted this year, because we missed the deadline. Jess has declared the fine art is too difficult and she will not do it next year. Hopefully we can find something else she’d like to do.

My mom is on her way here! She is coming with us to Florida.

Come Saturday, we will be NFB Convention-bound!


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