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July 11, 2013 / erin

Day 49

I asked the kids what the “highlights” of the trip were. The Braille Book Market, & the I-Ride Trolley were top-ranking.

We left the NFB Convention a couple days early and drove home,mostly in the rain.

About 150 miles away from home James started throwing up. This boy has got to stop licking things. By the time we got home he seemed to be fine.

Sunday we went to church then loaded the car and drove to northwest Indiana to visit with my family.

Monday, we went to US Cellular Field tosee the White Sox school the Cubs…Sadly, that is not what happened.

Today, the kids are going next door so I can get some sewing done for the job.

Things to come:
At some point this week, we’ll be going to the county fair. Jess only entered one item this year, an ink drawing, and received a blue ribbon.

The in-laws are in town until the weekend.

Hopefully well be tackling some projects around the house.

I’ve restarted my shawl project, but with a different pattern. Pictures to come when it’s a big bigger.


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